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I'm so happy to have you here. 

Pediatric occupational therapy services for children in Orlando, Florida.

Where children reach their potential...and beyond!

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Do you watch your child struggle to do things that are easy for others? 

Do you yearn to understand your child better? 

Do you feel like the therapy you are receiving is not making the difference you hoped?

Find out how Empower Kids Therapy can help these concerns:

Our Team

We strive for exceptional care and collaboration in developing new solutions with YOU.

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We provide individual, and group services to help children with sensory, social, motor, and feeding challenges.


"We were beyond ready to find someone to guide our child to a healthier place. We were concerned that we wouldn't find the right fit but then we found Ms. Sam."

- E.S Parent

"Our child has improved in processing who she is in a positive way. She can now effectively identify and work through emotions! Life is not so hard." 

-W.K Parent

"We were so happy our child has made leaps and bounds with her sensory system. Ms.Sam has helped her manage so she can become a better version of herself." 

-A.K Parent


 "Ms.Sam's passion to help your child be successful is rare. She would take the time to make sure that as parents, we were well educated so that our son was not only successful in the therapy office but outside in daily, everyday life. We consider Ms. Sam a part of our family and we are eternally grateful for installing confidence in our son.

- J.A Parent

"There was a huge difference between feeling like just another appointment, and feeling like it is a playdate with a friend"

- D.M Parent


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