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Pediatric Occupational Therapy
in Orlando

Empower Kids Therapy is a pediatric occupational therapy practice in Orlando providing individual and group services to help kids with sensory, social, motor, and feeding challenges. 

If you are a parent with a kid who struggles, you're in the right place to discover the root causes for their behaviors and limitations. Together, we'll figure out what works to reduce the daily battles and set your child up for success.


Values of Our Therapy

When parents arrive inside the world of Empower Kids Therapy, they find a fresh spark of hope, a different way of thinking, and a sense. of being understood. We surround all aspects of care around:

Mutual Trust

Meaningful change is possible in relationships with trust at the core. Our superpower is providing a safe, trusting relationship with all kids, even those slow to warm up. More importantly, as a parent, you know you can trust us with the good and bad of life with your child


We don't settle for what exists today. Instead, we seek creative and dynamic solutions for fun, engaging sessions while pushing the status quo of how therapy services are provided. 

Belief in Possibility

This is a place that sparks hope. We see beyond the tough stuff and in to the possibilities that exist once underlying sensory or emotional challenges are addressed. 

Why Choose Us

Sensory Processing

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Visual Motor Skills

When you're overwhelmed, and tired from challenging days with your child, it's hard to find answers on your own. In many cases, the answers are simple, you just need help to identify and implement the right ones for your unique child in the moment when it is most important. 

Our approach meets your child at their level. We address those underlying issues so they can feel more confident!


Instead of ongoing therapy with questionable impact, we commit to achieving change together so your family joyfully moves forward  to celebrate all the big and small moments.


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