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But what does an occupational therapist even do…?

Updated: May 26, 2022

Welcome to Empower Kids Therapy!

A pediatric occupational therapy practice in Orlando, Florida.

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Hello everyone! I’m so excited to welcome you to our blog.

What a celebration! Our goal of this blog will be to provide resources, and in-depth information related to pediatric occupational therapy and the impact Empower Kids Therapy has on the families we work with.

Our ultimate goal at Empower Kids Therapy is to bridge the gap between the child's natural environment and therapy allowing parents to feel confident in guiding and navigating daily life together with less struggle. Instead of ongoing therapy with questionable impact, we commit to achieving change together so your family joyfully moves on with life.

We believe all kids want to be “good kids” (and all parents want to be “good parents” ). It’s a matter of finding ways to connect and provide individualized support so you can build a life that works for the whole family.


Our values are woven into every interaction as these provide the foundation for our care.

Mutual Trust

Meaningful change is possible in relationships with trust at the core. Our superpower is providing a safe, trusting relationship with all kids, even the kids who are slow to warm up. Even more importantly, as a parent, you know you can trust us with the good and bad of life with your child.


We don’t settle for what exists today. Instead, we look for creative, dynamic solutions. That looks like fun, engaging sessions, creative solutions for parents, and pushing the status quo of how therapy services get provided.

Belief in Possibility

This is a place that sparks hope. We see beyond the tough stuff to the possibilities that exist once underlying sensory or emotional challenges are addressed.


I've put together some basic questions about our services below to guide those who are interested in what we do.

What is occupational therapy?

- We help people achieve independence in their daily occupations. Occupations are any daily task you complete that occupy your time including cooking, sleeping, running, playing video games, reading, or driving. For children, we focus on their fine motor, gross motor, sensory motor and visual motor skills that impact their function and performance in daily occupations.

What do you do during sessions?

- Play. No, really. We play! Play is a child’s way of learning. So many skills can be taught through learning that apply to all aspects of life. For example, putting shapes in a shape sorter teaches foundations skills for putting luggage into the overhead bin. We all have seen those adults try and shove too large of a luggage into that very, very tiny space..

What does a child learn in occupational therapy?

- There are so many areas in which a child can learn including: tying shoes, brushing teeth, improving attention, learning social skills, improving calming strategies, writing… the possibilities are endless because occupations are endless.


Let’s grow together!

Interested in learning more for your child? Follow us on our social media accounts, or reach out to us to schedule a consultation call.

You’re eager and ready. Our therapists are fully invested. WE can create pivotal change.

Speak soon!

Samantha Stern, MS, OTR/L

CEO, Pediatric occupational therapist


Phone: (407) 907 - 7936


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