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The Truth About Private Healthcare: Unlocking Potential for Pediatric Care

“A pediatrician, occupational therapist, and physical therapist all log into a Zoom call...” 

...may sound like the setup for a quirky '90s joke, but it's the reality of a recent collaboration between Aaron Weiss, MDSamantha Stiles, OT, and Juleah Cintron, PT. What started as an attempt to brainstorm ways to better support our shared client base, turned into a fascinating discussion about the limitations of insurance-driven healthcare.

Contrary to popular belief, insurance isn't always the most beneficial option for families seeking pediatric care. While it may offer support to some, for others, it can actually hinder their access to quality care and restrict the services provided by therapists and doctors. That's where private pediatric care comes in, offering a host of advantages beyond what traditional insurance-based services can provide.

Here are our top reasons private pediatric care can benefit you and your family:


In the realm of private pediatric care, one of the standout benefits is the ability to receive personalized treatment plans tailored specifically to your child's unique needs. Unlike insurance-driven models that often prioritize cost-effectiveness over individualized care, private care empowers providers to develop comprehensive plans focused solely on YOUR child's health and well-being, not from some arbitrary measure. From customized therapy sessions to specialized interventions, private care offers families the opportunity to take control of their child's healthcare journey with personalized attention and unwavering support.


Private pediatric care fosters stronger provider-patient relationships built on trust, communication, and collaboration. Have you ever felt like a number at your pediatrician, only being provided 15 minutes to update on a year's worth of growth and questions? Alternately, with private care providers, healthcare professionals can develop deeper connections with families, leading to a collaborative approach with improved outcomes. This care also extends to the entire team involved in your child’s health plan. It allows for improved communication with other members which supports enhanced outcomes for all who provide care for your child.


Another advantage of private pediatric care is the access to a wider range of specialized services and therapies that may not be covered by insurance. By opting for private pay, families can explore innovative treatment modalities, cutting-edge therapies, and alternative interventions that are specifically tailored to address their child's unique needs.


Have you ever heard the words “Your insurance doesn’t cover that” or “We can’t do x,y,z because of your insurance?” As a result, you may have been told to “wait and see.” Private care eliminates restrictions placed on your providers by insurance companies, allowing them to make recommendations based on their clinical reasoning and expertise, rather than having to stay within the confines of what insurance will cover. The result? Care that is proactive in addressing your concerns leads to improved outcomes for your child and family. 

“I find that the children I work with are no longer limited by the amount of time and method of treatment that insurance companies force providers to abide by. This allows us greater freedom to work on important goals in specialized, personalized ways - ways that might not be covered by traditional insurance. I can also see them in fun and unique spaces that their families travel to!” - Samantha Stern, MS, OTR/L


Almost everyone understands how to use their homeowners and automobile insurance, but healthcare insurance utilization seems more vague and unclear. For example, most people understand that a battery change or tire rotation comes at a cost. Or if your car is damaged in an accident, you should immediately call your insurance company. We believe that healthcare insurance should work the same way: available for emergencies, but not there to dictate your everyday health maintenance. Oftentimes, when routine healthcare is dictated by insurance companies, individuals receive suboptimal care, more focused on the bottom line than patient health and outcomes. We believe healthcare should be delivered differently.

“As a pediatric physical therapist, going out-of-network has allowed me to provide a higher quality of care to better meet the individual needs of my clients and their families. I’ve had clients who have spent an extended amount of time in traditional therapy settings with little progress. Private care is an investment, but tends to save families time and money in the long run due to the specialized and personalized care we can provide.” - Juleah Cintron, PT, DPT


Paying out of pocket for pediatric care services is an investment in your child's future. And one that's truly worth it. While it might seem like a big expense at first, the benefits are priceless. Private pediatric care gives you access to specialized services, personalized treatment plans, and the time needed to build strong relationships with your child's healthcare providers. This means your child gets the best possible care, tailored just for them, without the delays and restrictions often imposed by insurance companies. By choosing private care, you're not only supporting your child's immediate health and development but also setting them up for long-term success and well-being. The peace of mind and improved outcomes from this personalized approach make it a smart and valuable investment for any family.



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