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Feeding Occupational Therapy Packages in Orlando

We know the stress and overwhelm of trying to expand what your child eats, or get them to just try something new.

Our goal is to take you from "I don't even know where to start" to "I can do this!". Our approach utilizes sensory experiences, matched with to provide a safe, and fun explorative time. 

We explore all the underlying components impacting a child's ability to trial and consistently eat new foods and provide you with a clear plan forward. 

Not only will you feel confident in presenting new foods, but your child will feel successful and comfortable.

Our feeding sessions occur in person, or through Telehealth by one of our occupational therapists. We currently serve Windermere, Winter Garden, Hamlin, Horizon West, and Dr.Phillips.

Scoop of Ice Cream
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We know you are searching for answers and ready to do things differently to see results for your child and family.


That's our reasoning behind packaged services. It allows consistent, and comprehensive therapy because: 

You're eager and ready 

Our therapists are fully invested

WE create pivotal change 

We intentionally offer our feeding focused occupational therapy sessions as a bundled package to ensure you receive all essential elements to create real and lasting change. We package our services because consistent, comprehensive occupational therapy combined with personalized and approachable guidance for YOU the parent creates



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